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Car Competitions

Online competitions have become a popular trend with millions of people participating and tens of thousands of companies 

Win a Car

promoting their brand names through them. Unlike other forms of online advertising, which have come and gone over the years, competitions have stood fast and lasted the test of time, going from newspaper and magazine published competitions to online competitions on the Internet.

These online competitions come in a variety of shape and form. Thus for example, you have writing competitions, baby competitions, holiday competitions, kitchenware competitions, car competitions and many other types.

Usually, there is a strong connection between the company running the competition, the prize and the type of competition. For example, if Nike was running a competition to promote their new running shoes, the prize would of course be a pair of new shoes and say something like “Win a pair of Nike shoes” and the competition would be by free entry, or one in which you would have to send a picture of you doing something sporty. If Apple was running a competition, the prize would of course be one of their new apple products like the new iPhone 4S and say something like “Win an iPhone 4s”.

In this post, we will be focusing on car competitions. Why? Well, because they are becoming more and more popular, because the prize is huge and because they draw a lot of attention. Below, we will discuss why these competitions are becoming so popular and give a general overview.

Car competitions have been around for a long time. Some people associate the first car giveaways with the Las-Vegas casinos but others believe that they might have started even long before that. Either way, a lot of the bigger companies today run them. Thus for example, in recent years we have seen McDonald’s give away a Porshe Boxster (Europe 2009) and they now have a campaign for a Mini Cooper convertible (Europe 2012).

What are the benefits of car competitions?

  1. A large target audience: one of the key factors when running a competition is to make sure the prize is relevant to the audience you are targeting. If you are looking to target youngsters aged 12-18, then a car competition is not for you. If on the other hand you are looking to target people aged 18-50, then a car would definitely do the work seeing how almost all 18-50 year olds would want to win a car. Also, and to the surprise of many, even today in the 2000 century, many people still can’t afford to buy themselves a car.
  2. Free Buzz due to the attractive prize: this is kind of an obvious point, but a car is a huge prize and therefore more people will be interested in the competition, there will be a big buzz and the competition will go viral even without the company having to do much. Additionally, participants will be willing to do more in order to win as they have more than enough motivation – the chance to win a car – so the company go be creative and interactive with participants. 

What are the downsides or car competitions?

Well, the main downside is that not all companies can allow themselves to give away a car due to the cost and therefore usually only larger sized companies, casinos or car manufactures do so. So, as can be seen, car competitions can be very efficient in getting a buzz about your product and getting participants involved in an active way – assuming of course that you can afford to run one.

If you have any unique ideas of how to implement a car competition, your comment is welcome here below.

If you’re looking to enjoy online competitions, including car competitions, then have a look at the Winthis competitions page.

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car competitions

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Online Baby Competitions

Baby Competitions

Over the years, baby competitions have become one of the more popular online competitions, surpassing even car competitions. There are various reasons for this, some very interesting, and all of which we will discuss in this post.

The main reasons, although certainly not the only ones, for the rise in baby competitions are as follows: 

Brand Awareness and Target Market: Over the last 10 years or so, the amount of money invested in baby products has been on a constant rise. It’s not that in the past parents spent less on their children but that today, thanks to the Internet, there are so many baby products and services that are made known to parents, whom now have much more variety. Also, seeing how all parents – regardless of their socio-economical situation – want only the best for their children, the buying of baby products is on the rise. Ok, so what has this got to do with baby competitions you might ask? Well, more baby products and a larger target audience means more competition between the various baby product companies, and when the competition between companies grows then they increase their advertising which, among other advertising methods, includes the use of online competitions – hence the rise in baby competitions.

Parent Perception: Have you ever met a parent who doesn’t think that their baby is the most beautiful baby of them all? Well, me neither. The wonderful thing about parents is that they all think that their baby is the cutest baby of them all. This of course makes it all the easier for companies to get parents on board in entering their babies in to the baby competitions seeing how they all think that they will win. Which parent wouldn’t want to boast to their friends and say: “my baby won the cutest baby 2012 award in the last baby competition!”

Fun: This might seem like a trivial reason, but the bottom line of baby competitions, just like with many other forms of competitions, is that they are fun. What could be more fun than having an excuse to dress up your baby in the cutest outfit and take gorgeous pictures of him or her? J So besides having a chance to win a great prize you also get to play dress up and take cute pictures of your gorgeous baby…it’s a win win for both the parents and the companies (maybe even for the baby?).

Competition Types and Variety: Other types of competitions are limited in their scope and variety. Thus for example, car competitions are fairly simple: the prize, albeit great as it is, is a car and you have to enter to stand a chance to win – that’s pretty much it – not many sub-categories to play with here. But, with baby competitions there are many different and fun types of categories to choose from, for example, you could have “The cutest baby competition”, “The smartest baby competition” or the “The prettiest baby competition”…

Income: Another fairly obvious reason that people prefer to overlook, is the fact that baby competitions can often lead to a lot of money. As mentioned, the various baby product manufacturers do a lot of advertising and these advertisements usually include babies in them. If you have a cute baby that has won a competition, not only will the parent have won a prize, but they will also usually be more able to later have his/her baby in various advertisements which in turn generate a lot of money. This in itself motivates parents to enter their babies into the competitions and in turns creates more entries for the companies.

Large Target Audience and High Interaction: Each type of competition and prize appeals to different types of audiences. For example, older people might not enter a competition that offers a bungee dive as the prize and younger people might not enter a competition that is giving away a cooking course. But, unlike these two examples, most people have some sort of connection with babies and therefore are more open to participating in baby competitions. Why? Well, basically everyone likes seeing cute baby pictures (don’t you?) or has a baby cousin/brother/sister or child of their own – so when they are asked to vote for a baby or comment on a picture entered in the competition, they are somehow connected and therefore don’t mind helping out. Basically, what this means is that the social involvement in baby competitions is much higher than most other competitions.

The companies that run competitions are of course interested in having as many entrants as possible so the fact that baby competitions generate a lot of traffic and interest is a large benefit and reason for the rise in these competitions.

Although there are many more reasons for the rise in the amount of baby competitions, the above mentioned reasons are the main ones and give a good general understanding.

What do you usually need if you want to enter a baby competition? Well, you need to have a baby or be representing a family member of one and in most cases you need to be above a certain age to enter. Most of the competitions are free. Every so often baby competitions can be found on

Looking to run a baby competition and/or promote you baby product or brand name? See our Promote Your Business Online page.

Baby Competitions.




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Online Competitions

Online Competitions have always been very popular, but according to various online statistics, they have become especially popular over the last few years. 

Online Competitions

Four main reasons have been associated with this rise in popularity:

The first and main reason is the inventing of the Internet. The Internet, or “world wide web” (www) has made online competitions available to people all over the world. In the past, competitions where promoted locally, in the local news papers and therefore mainly local residents were aware of them and participated. Today, thanks to the internet, almost anyone can hear about a competition regardless of where they live in the world – the news is simply delivered to your doorstep/inbox allowing you to participate easily and conveniently whilst sitting on your sofa at home;

The second reason is that today, all types of businesses can use online competitions as a great marketing or survey tool to create brand awareness or to check consumer’s responses to a product or service due to the low costs of advertising the competition (again, thanks to the internet). Today, both large companies and small businesses are using online competitions to increase sales and take advantage of the millions of online potential customers out there;

The third reason is the tough financial times that the world is in. This is the same reason that group buying websites like Groupon are doing so well in the world – because people are looking to save. The same way people are hoping to win a products or services which will in return save them money or let them experience things that they otherwise would not have had money for;

The Fourth and final reason for the increase in popularity of online competitions is that they are just plain fun and the chance of winning something makes it even more so!

With online competitions being so popular, it is no wonder that so many businesses are turning to this method, especially so with online competitions in South Africa. There are of course other, numerous, reasons why businesses are using online competitions to promote their products or services, among them:

A) They provide a useful tool to check future customer’s responses to new services and/or products;

B) They create brand awareness and help promote the companies service/product;

C) Unlike plain banner advertising, whilst creating brand awareness the company can also collect emails and other contact information from the participants which can be used to promote future products and services.

D) They bring a lot of online traffic to the businesses website which in turn causes more sales/profits.

E) They create free advertising and a lot “buzz” and excitement when participants and winners tell their friends, family and co-workers about their experience and about the product they won.

One can easily find good online competition websites in south Africa, such as and list their competition for a small fee, which is a small price to pay in return for the huge benefits the competition listing brings.

On the participant’s side of things, they can participate in a number of competitions simultaneously, thus improving their chances of winning and all the while having a good time. Although some online competitions are fairly “bland”, others can be very exciting and include quiz competitions, treasure hunt competitions, poetry competitions, recipe competitions and so on.

Participants do not need to invest much time or money in order to enter online competitions as almost all of them are free. They just need to fill in a few details, answer a survey or send in something original.

If you enjoy online competitions then Winthis is the perfect website for you.

If you’re looking to increase sales or create brand awareness then be sure to read our “Promote Your Business Inline” page which explains our online competitions services

online competitions

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